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Welcome To Simcoe Wildlife!

Licensed & Insured Animal Control Specialists

Wildlife invasion in a home or office is not less than a nightmare. Whether they are squirrels, raccoons, bats, possums or skunks, these animals can greatly ruin the peace of mind. If you are facing a wildlife intrusion in your interior or yard, don’t ignore the problem. Straightaway call our wildlife control experts at Simcoe Wildlife for same day or emergency removal.

Ours is a licensed and fully insured animal control company serving the residential and commercial clients with humane wildlife removal and relocation. We know that animals do feel pain and they too have a family. That’s why we safely deter and relocate them in the wild area. We work hard and responsibly to safeguard your property against unwanted critters.

Get Rid Of Wildlife Invasion “Safely & Effectively”.

Our Services


If there are raccoons wreaking havoc in your yards, our professionals are trained and skilled to remove them for the long term.


Skunks dig burrows in the lawn and spray an unpleasant odor. We utilize the latest tools and products to shoo them away.


With traps and sprays, we catch and relocate the cute yet stubborn squirrels who ruin your comfort by making extreme noises.


We safely remove and prevent the possum population that is responsible for badly damaging your yard, vegetation and structure.


With the eco-friendly sprays and products, we deter the weird and nocturnal bats and prevent them from coming again.


Be it chipmunks, birds or other unwanted animals, you can rely on us for safe, humane and effective exclusion.

We Believe In Preventative Wildlife Control!

Simcoe Wildlife is the first choice you should opt for while trying to keep the critters away from your property. Our foremost mission is to keep the unwanted animals at bay by removing the potential sources of attraction. When needed, we perform integrated wildlife management and control. We believe in humane and safe animal removal instead of using chemicals and sprays.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Eco-friendly chemicals
  • Licensed & insured controllers
  • Years of experience
  • Same day & emergency response
  • Transparent pricing

What Our Customers Say!

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