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Skunk Removal & Control in Simcoe

skunkSkunks are small creatures that are not less than a nuisance, just like the raccoons. They dominate the North American region and can be easily seen moving inside a yard or in open. They are omnivorous animals who invade a property to feed on the vegetation, insects and rodents. If there are skunks residing in your home, don’t try to deter them on your own. To prevent costly damages, it is advised to call wildlife control experts in Simcoe to ensure long-term relief from unwanted critters.

Why You Need To Eliminate Skunks?

At Simcoe Wildlife, we are a leading animal removal company in Simcoe serving the residential and commercial clients with a guaranteed exclusion of critters. Though skunks are quite small, the destruction they create is beyond the limits. They exhibit a pungent odor from the lower end of their tail to shoo away the humans and pets. Some damages they cause include:

  • Digging burrows in the yard.
  • Ruining the lawn to find insects.
  • Uprooting the flowers and plants.
  • Destroying the vegetation and fruits.
  • Damaging the fence and decks.
  • Climbing the crawlspace & attic.
  • Spraying an intolerable weird odor.
  • Attacking your pets and kids.

What We Do?

Simcoe Wildlife is a local wildlife control service provider offering safe, eco-friendly and effective skunk removal in Simcoe. Whether there is a single skunk or a complete family living under your deck, we can help you get rid of them all. Our services include:

  • Skunk Trapping
  • Skunk Removal
  • Skunk Control
  • Skunk Prevention

Long-term Skunk Prevention & Exclusion

With a team of trained and skilled animal controllers, we provide highly durable and long lasting skunk control in Simcoe by using chemical-free products that are safe on your family. Since these critters spray an extremely pungent odor whenever they sense danger, we cover our face with a mask before trapping them. If you suspect a skunk invasion in your residential or commercial property, call us for a same day service.

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